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If you want a mix of different themed items in your party bags – or you want to create different bags for different guests at the same party, then this is the place to do it.

Using the options below you can complete each bag from scratch – choose a bag, then simply select the items you would like to go in it. Whether that be a Princess toy in a Pirate Bag or Dinosaur Costume in a Mermaid Bag it doesn’t matter. The choice is up to you.

Enjoy building your own!

Remember to select how many of each type of bag you would like before adding to your basket.

If you’d like to add any themed balloons as decoration for your party, find them here.

Check our How it Works Guide.

Party Bags

Select which party bag you would like...

  • Dinosaur Party Bag £3.00
    Fairy Party Bag £3.00
    Jungle Party Bag £4.00
    Mermaid Party Bag £3.00
    Numbered Party Bag £4.00
    Pirate Party Bag £4.00
    Princess Party Bag £4.00
    Thank You Party Bag £4.00
    Unicorn Party Bag £3.00

Pencil Crayons

  • Pencil Crayons £1.95

Dinosaur Toys

Rawr-some Dinosaur gifts can be selected here...

  • Dinosaur Colouring Book £1.99
    Dinosaur Money Tin £4.50
    Dinosaur Secret Diary £7.50
    Dinosaur Stickers £3.00
    Dinosaur Water Bottle £10.00
    Dinosaur Mask & Cuffs £16.99
    Dinosaur Tail £16.99

Fairy Toys

Add a touch of Fairy magic to your party bag...

  • Fairy Colouring Book £1.99
    Fairy Secret Diary £7.50
    Fairy Tote Bag £5.99
    Fairy Water Bottle £10.00
    Mary the Fairy (plush toy) £15.00
    Fairy Flower Crown £8.99
    Glitter Wand (purple) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (gold) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (turquoise) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (pink) £8.99
    Fairy Glitter Wings £24.99

Jungle Toys

Add something a little wild to your party bag...

  • Jungle Colouring Book £1.99
    Jungle Stickers £3.00
    Jungle A7 Mini Notepad £3.99
    Jungle Secret Diary £7.50
    Jungle Pencil Case £7.99
    Jungle Money Tin £4.50
    Jungle Water Bottle £10.00

Mermaid Toys

For underwater themed gifts select here...

  • Mermaid Colouring Book £1.99
    Mermaid Secret Diary £7.50
    Mermaid Money Tin £4.50
    Mermaid Square Tin £6.99
    Mermaid Water Bottle £10.00
    Suds the Mermaid (plush toy) £10.00
    Mermaid Star Headband £9.99
    Mermaid Cape £24.99

Pirate Toys

Gifts for shipmates can be selected here...

  • Pirate Colouring Book £1.99
    Pirate Money Tin £4.50
    Pirate Secret Diary £7.50
    Pirate Stickers £3.00
    Pirate Water Bottle £10.00
    Captain Pilchards (plush toy) £15.00
    Pirate Hat £11.99
    Pirate Cape £20.99

Princess Toys

Gifts fit for royalty can be selected here...

  • Princess Colouring Book £1.99
    Princess Secret Diary £7.50
    Princess Money Tin £4.50
    Princess Tote Bag £5.99
    Princess Water Bottle £10.00
    Gracie Sparkles (plush toy) £15.00
    Glitter Crown (purple) £9.99
    Glitter Crown (gold) £9.99
    Glitter Crown (turquoise) £9.99
    Glitter Crown (pink) £9.99
    Glitter Wand (purple) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (gold) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (turquoise) £8.99
    Glitter Wand (pink) £8.99
    Glitter Cape (gold) £29.99

Unicorn Toys

For truly magical Unicorn gifts take your pick...

  • Unicorn Colouring Book £1.99
    Unicorn Secret Diary £7.50
    Unicorn Notebook £7.99
    Unicorn Money Tin £4.50
    Unicorn Carry Case £5.99
    Unicorn Water Bottle £10.00
    Lolipop the Unicorn (plush toy) £10.00
    Unicorn Headband £12.99
    Unicorn Cape £19.99

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